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“Our Classroom Presentation System is the capstone of our district’s technology plan. Since virtually any program on any media (analog or digital) can be made available to any workstation, area or room in any building or group of buildings, our system provides an efficient, flexible and seamless way to provide quality educational resources that empower our teachers and impact student learning.”

Kathy Mack, Assistant Superintendent  Greencastle Schools, Greencastle, IN

"Chris Hamilton is very interested in working with us as his customer.  He checks on how things are going and offers suggestions for equipment and/or technology that he thinks could help us improve.  If he does not know the answer to questions we ask, he will personally find the answer or put us in contact with someone who does.
He is very quick on response time and good with follow-through.  He takes extra effort in taking care of the customer and making sure the technology is a good fit for them.  He also has a good source of connections and is able to get a variety of technology for you quickly"
             Noel Whitis, Dir. of Media & Technical Support
             Olivet-Nazarene University, Bourbonnais, IL.

"All feedback from those who have used the digital video program have raved about it and its effectiveness as a teaching tool.  One of the biggest advantages is the ability to supplement a lesson with a brief video clip that pertains to the topic.  Rather than roll out the TV/VCR, and show a 30-60 minute video, which may or may not capture the students' attention, a teacher can use the video to enhance the lesson at his/her discretion......The breadth of content available is substantial allowing teachers from all content areas to find appropriate material.  We have only begun to tap into the potential of this program.  Thank you for all of your support!"

              Chris Rice, Principal, Lawton Elementary School, Lawton, MI

"Midwest Concepts has worked with our Technology Committee from the inception of our Distance Learning Initiative to the present. We consider Midwest Concepts a great partner in our quest to provide the students of Monroe County a high quality product second to none....."

              Rick Angelocci, Dir. of Inst. Tech., Monroe ISD, Monroe, MI

Commenting on a teacher using the new Midwest Concepts Digital Video System, "She pulled up an image from the 1930's of a dirigible that blew up. The video had the original sound recording and the kids were mesmerized. It took the teacher all of one minute to access the server, grab the video and "boom" display it....You look for those teachable moments"

             Jeff Sigworth, Tech Coord., Greencastle Schools, Greencastle, IN

"Before our streaming video system was in place, Cascade High School teachers never had cable tv access in their classrooms.  Midwest Concepts' GO DIGITAL streaming solution allows us to multicast (stream) cable tv programs from East Elementary School to Cascade HS over our fiber-based WAN.  The system provides reliable, easy-to-use TV access for student instruction.  The ability for us to broadcast streaming video from any classroom in Cascade is also a big benefit."

Kyle Pickett, Dir. of Tech., Mill Creek Comm. School Corp, Clayton, IN

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